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The Making of an Exceptional Contract

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An exceptional contract - the goal of our negotiations with Kaleida Health - is a composite of the hard work and tenacity of all of our members. Here are some of the components:

Electing the right Bargaining Committee (DONE): Elect a smart, committed, diverse group representing all job titles and departments of the union.

Membership surveys (DONE): Seeking out the opinions and desires of the membres is critical in addressing the variety of needs of the membership.

Proposals, current language review (IN PROGRESS): Prior to bargaining beginning with Kaleida, our bargaining teams have written new proposals to reflect current situations and take into account member surveys. Additionally, as bargaining progresses, new proposals and proposed changes can be written in real time as the need arises. 

Bargaining and Management (IN PROGRESS): Proposals are exchanged by both unions and management. They are discussed and explained, and are either accepted or countered and negotiated until final language is agreed to by both parties. 

Membership involvement (IN PROGRESS): This is not a spectator sport! All members need to participate to ensure an excllent contract. Become a unit mobilizer in your department, attend open bargaining, wear your t-shirt on Thursdays, carry your bag, join in on job actions, or walk the informational picket. Being active helps to ensure an exceptional contract - it takes all of us. Call your union office NOW to see what part you can play!

Open Bargaining

Members are encouraged to sign up to aattend open bargaining. It is an enlightening experience and an opportunity to observe the back and forth of bargaining with Kaleida. Bargaining is currently taking place on Wednesdays and Thursdays - signups are in two hour increments. Negotiations are currently being held at BGH in Swift Auditorium. Be there to observe and support the bargaining committee. Let our bargaining team know how you feel about Kaleida's proposed PTO and call-in changes.

Click here to sign up for an Open Bargaining session.