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April 14 - Bargaining Update

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This week, management’s bargaining team took the week off from negotiations while your union bargaining committee still met on Wednesday and Thursday to caucus and review proposals from Kaleida Health. As the union’s caucus, we have started to discuss economic issues which we will tackle with Kaleida once a majority of the non-economic issues are resolved.

In preparation for economics, the bargaining committee would like your help in proposing upgrades for various job titles. In order to be most effective in presenting these requests to Kaleida, below you will find the criteria and information the unions need. The more of these you can answer, the more helpful it’ll be in bargaining.

1.   Is Kaleida having difficulty hiring and retaining for your specific job title. (We can submit an information request to ask Kaleida for turnover rates for your job title. Please let us know if this is something you would like provided to you to include in your presentation)

2.  Market rate research information may be obtained on websites such as salary wizard, indeed, zip recruiter, etc. It may be helpful to obtain a current comparable collective bargaining agreement and salary or pay studies from professional associations and organizations.

3.   Does the comparable cited source provide the same benefit package as Kaleida Health? Please provide this information, if available. (This may include PTO, Pension, Health Insurance cost, etc.)Is the current salary at a "Market Rate" for the same job title in this geographical area comparable to your workplace. I.e. Job title _____ in a Buffalo, New York hospital setting, Western New York lab setting, or a similar setting where comparable work is being performed, etc. It is often helpful to have local market data along with a job posting in addition to regional and national data.

4.   You must provide information regarding significant changes or added responsibilities in the job description for the position. This may include added licensure, certifications, and educational requirements that may help to substantiate the increase. Job descriptions of job titles that are comparable. Additionally, you should highlight and identify the differences or major similarities in duties and responsibilities between the multiple titles you may be comparing.

Proposed increase information and a rationale for the increase as stated above should be outlined in a one-page document that includes your completed research. Your summary should include what the recommended wage step you believe you should be upgraded to. Any information collected and used in your summary must be included as attachments to your summary page.

Written requests that include all of the necessary information will be reviewed thoroughly and considered by the bargaining committee.

The deadline for submitting this information to the bargaining committee is Sunday, May 1st, 2022.

Completed research and summary documents should be submitted to your union’s respective bargaining committee member or your Union Hall.